Friday, September 6, 2013


  So many questions pop into my head when I think of him, the guy that supposedly help save the three missing girls. The main questions would be why did they pick him, was there a connection with wews reporter John Kasich who I saw stand right next to  Lynna Lai when she was interviewing Ramsey?
Why does the media pick unattractive blacks to be heroes, I would personally go for an attractive Asian American to be the star obviously  yet it seems that when something happens an  ugly black guy or woman has to be in the picture. Of course we have our President who in some  peoples eyes is a hero but I'm talking about everyday people like Charles Ramsey. Could it be that the Cleveland media along with Lynna Lai are infatuated with ugly black guys since Ive been writing about the supreme anchor? Could it be that they promised the international media an ugly black guy in place of me since I wasn't in the state at that time? When that Asian Woman was killed by her rich husband nobody put a ugly black guy in the picture or when Rupert Murdoch had his issues with the celebrities nobody put a ugly guy in the picture as a hero. Even when the father got his kid from the mother who kidnapped their son and took him out of the country their was no ugly black hero, yet when Lynna Lai is in  the story or should I say when Cleveland is behind the scenes or should I say Ohio is behind the scenes there has to be an ugly black guy. Is the local media so insecure that  they have to goof on a black? Maybe the whole situation was a stunt and maybe he was just an actor. Once again,the media is a part of the SAG union. Maybe just maybe this is just another way for the media to get back at me, revenge coverage. Maybe in their minds they think that Lynna Lai is attractive and it's offensive to them for me to talk or write about her like I do therefore they must put an Ugly black guy in front of the news papers and TV since i'm offending them by Characterizing Lynna Lai as the Cream of the Crop.

  Maybe the Governor of Ohio had something to do with it, maybe the connection with my blog went deeper than I thought. Maybe the reason Kasich or Kosich was next to Lynna Lai during the Ramsey interview was because they wanted to  make sure she wasn't being gentle with the questions she gave Ramsey. Maybe Lynna Lai coordinated a union with the Governor to make sure that a black guy pays since she got bamboozled from her job at 19. Maybe she's working for the Chinese government and they told President Obama to Tell Kasich to put a ugly black guy on TV because they dislike the black male population. What if this entire ordeal was because of the Chinese Government and what if Ramsey was just a Pawn. I hate to say this but what if that's all 19 used Lynna Lai for and Lynna Lai along with the Chinese Government is generating that energy towards blacks.  Maybe thats what it takes to have Lynna Lai stay on the air. Maybe pawns must be made and destroyed so that she can become the supreme anchor on a national level  in a few more years.

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