Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quiet Death

                                    How much did I put in the air? Meaning what part of my writing creates things to change for the better  or things to get worse?  If lynnaluvers.com was the reason that Lynna Lai got canned from woio will lynnaments.blogspot.com be the reason she gets a National Gig? Lets pray it does. I think the suicidal connection  article is just that, simply a connection. I mean how many times has Lynna Lai saw a story where a black guy killed, robbed or raped a Asian American? Does she go mental and say that maybe that’s a sign that the blogger is going to have her killed? Maybe the story was just a spoof just like the day after Lynna Lai left WOIO and  the media started reporting about how someone created a hysteria that Cher was dead. Now if anyone has watched Lynna Lai or read lynnaluvers.com they know she likes Cher and I used to write connections about Cher and her.

    Could the same people that orchestrated Chers death have orchestrated the Master Chefs Suicide? With  this orchestration could my death be closer. Actually closer than the Election of Hilary Clinton.  Why am I so attracted to death? Maybe I’m not it just looks like it? If death is part of Life  in most cases  maybe  the change has been  a death of some type which ignited a death type of spirit. If this ignited a death type of atmosphere it could be life right around the corner.  Some might say ive been talking about deadly spirits since Dreamcast at lynnaluvers.com , I guess when you listen to the media and live in a world where you react rather than act it’s understandable that death is a friend.

   How many times has the great Lynna Lai reported about Suicide? Has it been more than  pop culture?  Which means it’s a touchy subject.  I wrote a article in lynnaluvers.com called Preserving the Future, couldn’t suicide be part of that process. If my death is part of the process should the Anchor and her associates  be upset that I talk suicide?  Not mine but possible murders that look like suicides. Maybe they think like Yosemite Sam or Elmer Fud. They want me to die quietly. Im writing on a 1 single view a day blog. How quiet can a guy be? 

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