Friday, September 13, 2013

Duffy's Following Me, Ahhhhhh!

  Ive come across a sign saying we worship on Thursday and a few maybe 30hrs later I think I see Brian Duffy in the same town that I'm in. What makes this even worse it's Friday the 13th. In the article I'l talk about why he might be here better yet lets talk why I'm here.Before I move along too far too quickly Duffy is the Ex Co-Anchor of Lynna Lai. He was the replacement for Paul Joncich. The only reasons I can even fathom that Duffy is in town is because of the game  and or he might be upset that Jason Handman is leaving. When I used to watch Lynna Lai on 19 he used to really enjoy talking about Ohio State actually he had more passion for the Buckeyes than the Browns hense my reasoning of why he might be watching the game a little more closer. Maybe he's upset that he'll be competing against John Anderson in the morning; thats right in the morning, without our Anchor Maven Lynna Lai.Clevelands City Newscast is going upside down.

  Maybe the future of the local newscasts is just falling apart like its viewers. With that said I had to go to where I am now; who could go back to the city maybe the state that has a underlying bounty on my head.  No I'm not afraid to die but I would hate to die in Ohio. Dieing in Ohio is like dieing inside your house that you lived in for your entire life. Ive learned since Ive been away that I'm strange, therefore why wouldn't I die in a strange place possibly in a strange way. Maybe that's why Duffy is here to have me killed or to make sure I'm dead. Maybe he's been drinking so much they're saying his liver isn't going to hold up any longer so he's trying to get me killed so he can have mine seeing in his eyes possibly im a  waste of good American Air. I'm still Breathing For now, but if I do drop dead soon make sure the aura of the world is Lynna Lai forever.


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