Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

  How can I be Thankful you ask? How can I not be Thankful, Lynna Lai is still on T.V. she's on Channel 3 and not 19, She's smiling more in her newscasts and she doesn't even share the news anchor desk with a co-anchor so it's basically all Lynna Lai. Someone said to be Thankful that I'm still alive, that's a losers attitude, who wants to just be alive Ive never been dead so being Alive is all I know ; am I suppose to compare it to death something Ive never experienced? I say be Thankful Lynna is still on. Be thankful that she has better fans, be thankful that she's about to go to a National Level newscast. This was an incredibly crazy year and I'll talk more about that later but , I'm thankful because it's been a roller coaster year and Lynna isn't finish yet. I would have to guess that she's just getting started.  In closing, be Thankful that we got to witness the best there is, the News God Lynna Lai.

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