Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sucide Connection

Not  five minutes after I post “SUICIDE”  I look at the UK’S news outlets and it says a Master Chef commited suicide. Now this probably wouldn’t of been a big deal but the guy has the same name as a national anchor/reporter. What does that mean does it mean that  anchors are going to commit suicide or does it mean that I’m going to get murdered. That said the guy who committed suicide thought that Ramsey appointed hi\m as God. 
  The fact that his name is the same as a national anchor is huge and he’s black but what really gets me is that they say he thought Gordon Ramsey appointed him as God.  The reason I think this is bizarre is because I’ve always thought Lynna Lai was god. Could it be that people who think that they are God are more likely to commit suicide?  What connection is that to me? Could the report be a little bit falsified, did he really believe that he was God? Was he a blogger like me?  They say he was  a mental  which is just like this blog. Could the connection of my suicide article and the death of the Chef  be that we both  have haunted  worship issues? He was worshipping his self and I was worshipping an anchor.

  The biggest connection with his connection is the fact that he lost the cooking competition to an Asian American and he died in Chicago. I lost my home to an Asian American and the Asian American Anchor Lynna Lai is from Chicago.  Its too many connections for us to say it’s just a coincidence. Maybe the media gods are just verifying the fact that I will die by the great Asian American newscaster and or maybe its bigger than just me, maybe they’re verifying that Chicagos Blacks will lose their lives by Asian Americans. This is a premonition and it’s not going to end good on this earth for me and or for other black males. 

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