Tuesday, October 22, 2013

La Cops

 I guess I deserve to be pulled over by the cops in this town since I make pics of Lynna Lai now right? Well that's what happened walking away from my office of "lai dreams". They said I was moving too fast. Actually their specific words were I can't move while the pedestrian man is absent even though the pedestrian guy is only up for 5 seconds. What does my being pulled over have to do with Lynna Lai? Maybe it has nothing to do with the great anchor or maybe she and her associates were deeply involved. Maybe she had her friends in LA to have the authorities screw with me. Maybe she was upset about my Meyers article or lastly maybe she got info that she was going to get canned again and she thinks its my fault therefore she had her associates get the cops on me.

  The city where I'm in theres a lot of illegal activity yet there's also a lot weight on civilians to spend money therefore when civilians don't spend money the city folds. its like any metropolitan.  Maybe they are a little bit bothered that money isn't flowing in like it should therefore they have to screw with me to reach their monthly goal of tickets or arrests. Maybe I just look weird and they had to make something up to stop me.

   One guy was white and the other guy looked like Obama. Last time I got pulled over (another city) It was a Asian American guy, maybe  Lynna Lai didn't want an Asian American to screw with me this time so they had a very light colored guy and white guy pull me to the side. It's not that I'm upset or frustrated it's just when things like this happens it's a chance that Lynna Lai and her gremlins has a hand it. When I die my last words will probably be Lynna Lai if I can speak at the time. I can't say I was looking like a lawyer or doctor but when a city approves of self destructive activities you're going to have people who look destructive. Which in turn make the Authorities destroy lives. This is one of the words the black guy used "destroy" will I see him again?.Is he a hired private hit man?  if I get killed by the black guy or latino guy will president Clinton have those that had me killed get destroyed by an Asian American. Maybe thats why so many Chinese Americans are coming to the states, it's a set up. They believe they're coming here for a better life but in actuality they came unknowingly  to take the Americans place. What if my death or my being harrassed is just a window for the Chinese to destroy the blacks and other Americans who have destroyed what their grandfathers and grandmothers have made.

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