Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Explaining Foolishness

  Learning from mistakes is essential for growing yet if our leaders those who make mass life changing decisions haven't learned from their mistakes is it hypocritical for the same leaders to expect a low profile blogger to grow and or change? Obviously I should have learned something from this ongoing situation especially the eviction like pay attention to whats most important in ones life, enjoy the present, never idolize Lynna Lai and or any Asian American newscaster all of this is good but am I really foolish if I haven't learned these things. I ask this question because some say it's foolish not to learn from ones mistakes; it's like a dog returning to it's vomit.  Yet Im a believer the persuader and people of her pedigree or should I say character are more powerful than whats logical or not foolish.

   I say that the Character of the Landlord Lynna Lai is more powerful than what's logical because people repeatedly go back to whats simple and or easy rather than learning from what they did wrong. For example in Northeast Ohio they have mayors that have been in office for over 20 years and the cities continues to fall apart. If voters can't learn from their mistake and continue to fall for the Character of Lynna Lai in the Mayors then I am correct that humans reasoning takes a back seat to what or who we admire. It's hypocritical to say I'm foolish because I got evicted for worshiping the local newscaster when the newscaster is associated with political figures and people vote for the same political figures every time it's time to vote. Whose more foolish is the question if  we must call each other that; someone who worships the story teller or the person who makes the laws for the story? Someone who believes a news anchor is more important than the news station or Someone who believes things will change for the better because they voted for a black guy or Woman for President?


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