Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Office of Tributes

  Off the Top, If I would have known that our killer was connected with my ex neighbor I would have never let myself become so delusional. With that said where do I start? Around seven or six years ago a black police officer bought my families house because they had gotten a divorce, when he bought the house he allowed drug agents in the house maybe he thought because of the look of my house selling drugs wouldn't be that bad eventually his tenants got booted off the property and no one ever came into the house since. Now we all know recently Lynna Lai has had a hard on for Cops; could it be the same cop that had drugs sold next to me is strongly connected to Lynna Lai.

  Its many reasons why this could be the case but I just got word that her camera guy was just in the mid west ,my current living quarters and this camera guy they say looks just like a black police officer . Now if you don't know Police officers stick together especially black police officers when they are the minority; could it be possible that the black cop that bought the house next door is connected to the camera guy which is obviously connected with Lynna Lai. Could Lynna have made this guy come to the mid west  to see where I am? I doubt it but it is possible because she has stronger connections in Chicago that are probably just waiting for the word. Could the cop that bought my families house have the camera guy come to the mid west or could the NBC station have hired the camera guy to come to the mid west.  I totally believe it was probably the stations input that made the camera guy come to the mid west.

  The question is why? Maybe it was a sincere visit but coincidences are never coincidences there's a reason for everything. There was a reason why Lynna Lai was reporting about Police officers so much the past year. There was a reason why they put Russ Mitchell on a local news station and George Smith on WOIO 19 both have Cop characteristics. Maybe they were so happy that a Cop bought my families house that they  paid tribute by getting black anchors that had the Cop like demeanor. How else will they  pay tribute will they pay tribute to black police officers in that town?
 In closing we pay tribute who we admire or find certain qualities in them that are attractive. If my tribute to Lynna Lai had got Lynna Lai fired and myself kicked out of my home will Lynna Lai's tribute get cops fired? Will WKYC'S tribute to officers create a privatization of local authority? How strong does Lynnas tribute to police officers have to be so she can become a weekly anchor on a national news station? How strong does her tribute to police officers have to be to even get her 19 Action news job back? If the news authority paid tribute to police officers like they paid tribute to Weiner 20 yrs ago would there be so many anti-authority groups? Even our current president was part of a anti-authority group; with that said who are we really paying tribute too? I think we should pay tribute to Lynna Lai she's a neutral subject not black not white, not wrong not right; how could the world go wrong?

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