Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hispanic Design

  Do you ever want to tell someone something or write something down but you can't because when ever you do something else happens that you need to write about or say to them? I sometimes really believe that my writings are the monkeys paw. I don't want to write about my life in Phoenix and the fact that Lynna Lai might have a Hispanic kill me or the fact that someone real close to me has moved without a choice to a growing hispanic community in Akron.  These aren't coincedences this is a way to change lives.

  I really don't want to talk about my ostracizing and the possibility that the great news anchor might have designed my adventure and I didn't even know it. Maybe her designing or her associates have been designing this because they believe that I had a hand in her relative being killed? Maybe thats what she wants people to believe so that she can have an excuse to have me or someone close to me killed. I hate writing this but if it's not documented whose going to know that Lynna had me killed? Maybe its her belief  or her associates belief that Hispanics are better than American blacks and thats the real reason why she's going to have me killed because she thinks or her associates think that my lack of prodcuction and dexterity is a sign that blacks don't appreciate being in America and Hispanics do. Don't forget Lynna Lai is a liberal and liberal whites in the past were anti black therefore she might be channeling that spirit.

 When I started one of the first things I pointed out was that the Asian American race were the superior race (I should of said eastern asian race). Could that be the reason why she has the Hispanics on speed dial to do away with the kid? Could my observance be the reason she got fired and now its just payback time? I used to also write in that we should question if Lynna Lai can Identify with the black race/white race or can the black race identify with Lynna Lai since 19 used to design their newscast towards blacks. Could it be that now the fair question is can I identify with Hispanics or can Hispanics Identify with me and if not; just like Lynna Lai got fired from 19action news should I get fired from Phoenix? Maybe that's Lynna Lai's plan; to make sure I don't fit in any where so that the only place I can go is jail. Is Lynna Lai in Jail, does she feel like she's in jail since I wrote

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