Monday, February 6, 2017

The Penis Report

After I hear that the New England Patriots came back and won I decided to sleep by the train tracks. While laying there by the tracks a grey suv whips pass me ( after seeing the grey suv I should have known something was going to happen). Maybe an hr later a black and white Cork city police suv stops four feet infront of me. The SUV had two alphabets on its hood one was a letter To and then some  numbers, 10952.
  The male officer told me to walk towards the suv. He tells me to put my hands on the hood and then asked me if I had anything that would harm him in my pockets. After I answer him he starts digging in my pockets to take everything out. While asking me questions he reaches in my pocket he touches my penis from inside my pocket. The question is was this a set up? Did he touch my penis under someone's orders? Was he following me to offend me? Is there any allegiance with the god anchor and the officer? Could it be that he touched my penis because he wanted to offend  me to the point I write about it?

  Could it be the god anchor has Cork city Contain me here and to do so Cork city had the officer touch my  penis to offend me so that I could write about it.  If I write about it it gives him reason to offend me to the point of arrest or vehicular assault. He did ask me if I ever been arrested before.

Maybe it had nothing to do with the officer but it had something to do with the current muslim band or the illegal Alien situation. Could it  be an illegal alien was following me under the god anchors orders and ia called the police on me once he found out where I was sleeping? Are there more illegal aliens dedicated to the god anchor than cork cities finest? Could it be an illegal alien works for NBC or 19 the god anchors ex station and are under direction from the god anchor or her associates to get me to stay or entrapped in Cork city.

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