Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Get Out Theory: igniting sodom

  In the past few months there was a movie called "Get Out" in theatres. The plot was a black guy getting conspired against by white neighbors. Question, could this movie have ignited the officer to fondle and follow me? How motivated are the local PD by the movie? Did WKYC and the god anchor use the movie to harass the blogger to death? Before I got ostracized would I have associated this movie with the god anchor & MRGP?

  How many igniters were used to put local PD in a position they're in? What ignited the god anchor to be who she is? What ignited the god anchor to be who she's not? How many movies were made to ignite the position I'm in?
I'm not going to deny that there might have been a combination of igniters that pushed the mrgp officer to fondle-sodomize the blogger.  Cosby did just have a mistrial hrs before the fondling. What triggered the fondling/following more the Cosby mistrial or the get out movie? What lie or conspiracy was he a part of that started the fondling/following?

  Could it be that the movie "get out" was sponsored by another nation? If that's so, that would mean the fondling/sodomizing was ignited by another nation. It is known that the star of the show wasn't even American. The star had an African name. If the fondling and following was brought out by an unamerican Nation how crazy is it that my ostracism was ignited by outside nations?

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