Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fondling Fathers

  Fathers day, who would have guessed? Who would of guessed I would have gotten fondled early on Fathers day by Mt. RedGrass Police? As I just got out of the plaza standing outside of a vacant plaza; Across I saw a carnival where I assume they hire undocumented immigrants. On my left I spotted a black car stalking me it seemed. I turn my head after I take a pic of the car and a minute later the black car rides up on me shining his lights on me. The police inside the car asks me for ID and searches me.

  He said that the reason he stopped me was because I looked suspicious.  He said that the reason he touched my penis and fondled the crevices of my rear is because of safety concerns. While all this was happening a black po was standing there watching the whole thing.  Watching as to say he consented or was encouraging  the police activity of touching my penis and fondling my rear. Was he put up to the molesting? Did the god anchor and or her cohorts put them up to it?

  Did the god anchor put the police up to the sodomizing on behalf of the mistrial of cosby or was the police officer aggressive without the god anchors push? Obviously there's hundreds of reasons he could have fondled me but we'll never know the truth. The truths that we do know is that Cosby got a mistrial, a black NBC father killed his daughter and before the fathers day fondling A police officer pinched my penis in cork city. Maybe it has nothing to do with Cosby but the fact that I'm homeless. Could it be that the reason I was fondled on 2017 fathers day because they wanted me to blog about it so that they have a reason to shut down the meals that are served in the park of Mt. Redgrass?

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