Thursday, June 8, 2017

NBC Murder

Recently a NBC executives daughter was murdered. Could this be an association with the stalking of me  recently? Could this be why Hollie hasn't been on T.V? Could the executive whose daughter got murdered be associated with the gay agenda? Is this why the husband of the executive is charged with murder? Is the conspiracy associated with the god anchor? Could it be that she or her associates ordered the death of the girl just to show that blacks are inferior even if they are an executive or associated with executives.

  Is this why the god anchor is associated with superiority because every where she goes inferiority is exists. Maybe this is why someone associated with the god anchor might be pushing  gangstalking tactics towards me. Maybe its the FBI an association that the god anchor might be associated with. Could the FBI have had the black dad kill the daughter to show someone what they are capable of doing? Was this a domestic killing or was it deeper? Did the FBI read my murder talk article and decided to have the black dad kill his daughter to prove something?

  I know it sounds unbelievable for a father to kill his daughter. Yet, what if the father was motivated by fear? What if he was gay and his gay associate killed his daughter and now the father must cover for him? What if this is why I was ostracized because someone had a murderous agenda towards me.  What if the FBI/the god anchor used the killing of the girl to scare someone from being part of NBC? If NBC is associated with Islam and gay boy sex; could it be that far unbelievable?

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