Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Homo Conspiracy

Is this why the quasi gay weather guy left Cleveland, to mimick me? Maybe in the god anchors world 19 was a secluded station a station that was independent. Maybe the gay weather guy and the god anchor made a deal to disrupt my life, sense my seclusion has vacated. Could it be that Duffy made a promise of disruption instead of the god anchor in honor of the great anchor he lost. Ndeedo (the street officer who gave me a warning in Cork City) didn't seem gay but what if the gay meteorologist that just left hired him. What if he hired the police officer at the train tracks to squeeze my penis?

  Could it be that the gay meteorologist feels that since he had to leave, he was going to harass me or hire someone to harass me. Did he feel wronged that the god anchor didn't leave yet he did?  Maybe the gay meteorologist doesn't feel like the god anchor is American and feels as if he is. Therefore anyone whose a fan of hers isn't American. If these are his feelings maybe he feels like he has the right to hire local police  to twist the truth or squeeze my penis. What if the gay meteorologist is a fan of the god anchor?

  What's the likelihood that the gay weather guy hired ndeedo to harass the blogger. It is a sanctuary City that is for alternative lives but could the meteorologist have invested​ his time and  money? What if NBC had him contact the Chief of Police in Cork to have the city police track me? What if there are people that feel like watching the god anchor is gay? Could it be that NEO's gay community are big fans of the god anchor and also have invested in Cork City heavily which is why I've been tracked and pinched in Cork City.

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