Monday, June 19, 2017

Conspiracy of Sodom

  So as I was being followed by Mt. Redgrass' finest, I was under the question of what was the real truth behind the police fondling me? Could it be to build on the inadequacy in my life? Have the MRGP been following me and have seen how inadequate I am and wanted to build on it? Was there something adequate about me and they wanted or needed to exterminate it?

  Maybe someone who had read my blog pushed the police to fondle /sodomize me, therefore pushing a inadequate energy in me. Could it be that when they read my blog they felt I wasn't adequate enough to talk about the God anchor? Could this be the reason I got ostracized? Could it be that they thought after I was ostracized I would feel so inadequate that I would kill myself?  Who would want me to kill my self? Someone whose in neo? A police officer in neo? The god anchor? Is this why the MRGP officer had fondled/sodomized the blogger?  Did someone kill there selves in the  19 or channel 3 circle?  Hence, why they had the police sodomize/fondle  the blogger?

   Maybe the mistrial of Cosby had nothing to do with the sodomizing/ fondling. It could have been a response to the homo weather article.  Could it be possible that the balding police officer was a homo and was doing a favor for wkyc or woio? I have no idea who would want me dead and it would be easy to point fingers but what good would it do. Maybe someone who has access to police actions wants me to be something I'm not? Could it be the something I'm not is not alive? If they wanted to kill me wouldn't they have already? Maybe to some sodomizing me was some type of death.