Monday, May 15, 2017

4yr conspiracy 2017

  May 15th 2017, who would've thought I would still be alive. Around this time five or four yrs ago, I was saying that the god anchor wanted us dead. 4 yrs ago I was ostracized; still saying that the god anchor was Superior. 4 yrs ago lynnaluvers was shut down and lynnaments/lynnamentals spawned. After 4 yrs the question is what would I change if anything? Do I still think there's a conspiracy? If there is; has lynnaments helped through the conspiratorial times?

  If I didn't move outside of ohlaio, I definitely would have made Even after the Trump campaign,even after the Muslim influence that nbc seems to be guided by.  The reason is the god anchor would have still been a pioneer in neo. She would still be married, but she would still be the 1st East Asian  Anchor in neo. She would still say questionable things or act questionable but isn't that what drove  I believe the only thing that would have stopped me from making lynnaments and ending lynnaluvers sooner would be her telling me to stop after my first month writing. The argument still remains that people write about sport stars all the time, yet sadly these days some of those stars and writers do end up dead way too soon.

   After 4 yrs I still believe there's a conspiracy. Maybe not all of the conspiracy is in the god anchors basket but she is/was definitely  part of it. After these 4yrs the conspiracy has grown into a monstrous network. In the beginning the conspiracy was just in neo but it seems since I left neo the conspiracy has followed me. Is it my fault the conspiracy haunts me? Is it the god anchors fault that the god anchor is a pioneer? Is it my fault that the god anchor is viewed as Superior yet conspiratorial? How do you fault someone that views someone in a negative or positive light? Maybe my views helped drive the conspiracy. Am I supposed to hate god because someone may think God is a man?  Through out the 4 yrs the conspiracy is still potent and without lynnaments, the conspiracy probably would have driven the blogger further down this rabbit hole.  Could it be that the intention of the conspiracy was/is to persuade me deep in the rabbit hole until I transform into a rabbit or a worm. Maybe the conspiracy saw more worm in me than rabbit hence my ostracization.

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