Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Homo Conspiracy 2: Florida

  Could this be the reason why the god anchor was in Florida? Could my past blog post had pushed the god anchor to Florida to talk to the assumed quasi gay meteorologist? Was it a kill two birds with one stone type of thing?  If the god anchor went to Florida to talk to the meteorologist was it an apology or was it a bounty? Did the god anchor go to Florida to pay the gay meteorologist to hire someone to harass me more? What if there's someone at the god anchors station that wants to harass me? What if it's someone from 19 the god anchors old station that wants to do more than harass the blogger?

  Is this why they had me ostracized to harass me? Did the god anchor feel harassed while I was in neo? Maybe unknowingly my living in neo was offensive to the point of harassment. Could my existence be a type of harassment? Could it be the god anchor went to Florida, to talk to someone, maybe the meteorologist about my existence? Could it be my existence wasn't offensive until lynnaluvers was invented?

  Maybe Florida wasn't about the assumed gay weather guy, but it was about Applegate. Why do I care about the connection with the god anchors visit to Florida and my ostracizing? I doubt what ever the god anchor did in Florida had anything to do with apologizing. Yet whats the likely hood that she did talk to the weather guy or Applegate from 19?  It was rumored that  there was a mafia organization in Florida in the past; did the god anchor talk to them about the bloggers death?

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