Sunday, February 12, 2017

Secured City?

 There must be some attraction to people who are in a secluded place and Cork cities police officers. The reason I say this Is because I was approached again by corks finest. this time the city police officer had on a yellow shirt  instead of brown and also was Mexican instead of White. Why does that make any differenmce who knows. Yet what does make a difference is there was two of them instead of One. Also this time I wasnt close to the train tracks in Cork but 30 ft away from patrons of businesses holding a sign saying hate the homeless?

  Should I have expected this?  I wont give any specifics yet did this approach have anything with the god anchor? They told me that I was Obstructing patrons. again I was thirty feet awayfrom anyone. heres a question did the officer I was blogging about last week have anything to do with this. I did see a few muslims pass me did they have anything to do with it? The mexican officer even took my social security number could he have approached me because someone told him that I had a legal social? Obviously the police wouldnt have hired anyone they didnt trust, but what if the law is so twisted they had to let the officer in? I did sense hostility when I said "I still love my country".

  Could it be that because Trump has made such demands local police that have an allegance to illegal immigrants are trying to take social security numbers from anyone whose a homeless citizen? Was I wrong to feel uneasy about giving my social out? Does the god anchor have a stake in this? Could it be that she wants my social security tarnished because she feels like being a anchor or being in the media is tarnished? Could they feel Cork city is dieing and they felt that to keep a black homelesss in town helps keeps them employed. Is this why they want more illegals staying around because the population isnt growing as it should. Did the local mexican officer hate me more than he hates that I'm a fan of  the god anchor? Maybe he hates that the god anchors position is more secure than his yet maybe the god anchor put him up to it because sad to say her position isnt secured?  Could this be the reason why a white new model mustang and a grey medium car almost hit me after I left the secluded area I was at today? Maybe hate in cork city is at a all time high and the god anchor isnt the only one that feels like they should capitalize off it.

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