Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Penis Report3 : Animal Maybe

  When a farmer projects fear to its
animals/property it's to keep them from harm or to control them. Could this be the element I'm missing from the squeezed penis scandal?  Maybe someone from the god anchors camp had him squeeze my penis because someone looks at me as property or a animal. Maybe since I was sleeping by the train tracks  he saw me as a Animal. Maybe in Cork City the homeless are viewed as animals to the local PD.

It might  have been my rough features that had pushed the officer into squeezing my penis and warning me like a animal. Could it be the god anchor was treated like property at 19 or channel 3? It was hrs after the Superbowl maybe that was his way of showing whose boss. Maybe it's someone who has come from another country that views black homeless as property and has pushed those views on the officer.

  Could it be possible that the officer was paid to squeeze my penis as a checking out the merchandise before they kidnap? Was this a procedure before a kidnapping act? Could someone had paid the Cork City officer to physically check out my equipment  before detainment like cattle?

  Are the rules different In sanctuary cities? Are males used to the squeeze of a male police officer In Cork City? Was the penis squeeze an offense because I watched the god anchor? Maybe the god anchor pushed for this type of search. Maybe she or the officer or her cohorts are anticipating something is about to happen and they want to give me a squeeze before detainment. How much of a animal have I turned into since my ostracizing? Maybe to have me ostracized was to have me undomesticated. Could it be that those of another country don't feel I have the right to be a domesticated  human. Therefore they have pushed domesticated officers to treat me as such.

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