Friday, June 2, 2017

Murder Talk

  I'm having a sense of regret. Not about the last article its self but a word I used; which was "murder". There's a sense that murder shouldn't be used when writing about my end or writing about the god anchor/government's actions against me. Are my senses too sensitive or am I correct on feeling regret about using the word murder? What sparked that word seeing that I could have used a less violent verb.

    I think I'm too sensitive to words. Let's face it over 400 people got murdered in Chicago last yr and no one batted a eye. Kathy Griffin with the news promoted a decapitated President and we talked about it for days, we're still talking. Maybe if murder wasn't made so sexy I wouldn't have used that word describing my end. Could it be the powers that be respect murder more so than the appreciation of what's appealing? Could it be we glorify murder because we don't glorify the gods of earth or the news? Is this why Tom Ganley was murdered because he glorified a woman or women? Is this why Seth Rich was murdered because he pointed fingers at a murderous club?

  Seeing that since Obama took office murders have propelled, is there a connection with this murderous energy and Donald young who was believed to be  a part of a gay club who Obama was associated with. The same gay club that I mention in some articles in lynnaluvers. Is this why I was ostracized because of my anti-gay articles? Is this why the officer in cork city pinched my penis because of the gay murderous club? When they put Obama in office did they unleash a murderous energy that we haven't chained yet?  Is this why we saw the god anchor as our killer in the past because of their association with Obamas administration which is and or was associated with some murders.

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