Thursday, June 1, 2017

Conspiratorial Post

  After four yrs I haven't been murdered but maybe my ostracism is some type of death. Maybe my demographic creates a death in the media. Could this be why I was ostracized. Could it be instead of the god anchor physically having me killed they had me removed from the kid which is a form of a death or murder. Could it be that my ostracism/removal was a lgbt conspiracy to get to my kid? Could it be the lgbt and the networks felt that since I appeared as a worm and not a rabbit then they have authority over my kid?

  Its hard to say but I do remember that the god anchors stations did carry its self differently post ostracism. They did carry stories that created a hostile perception . If hostility was wanted to display how far were or are they willing to portray it? Is this why the conspiracy is so much of a monster because of how the god anchor and her cohorts created the antagonist shows. Maybe the antagonistic shows were a warning before the ostracism.

  Its not hard to believe that my existence created some type of antagonist energy. But maybe the energy was imagined so that the lgbt could groom the kid into who they want him to be. Could I have gotten in the way with their plan to take the kid under their indoctrination. Maybe by me making lynnaluvers it created a window for those under the gay mind to have me ostracized so they could take the kid. How many lives were sacrificed for the powers of the god anchor and her associates to grow?

In closing maybe me being murdered was Just imagined and let's just hope my ostracism didn't create a gateway for those of the conspiracy to prey on the kid. Let's hope me saying that the god anchor is superior wasn't a death wish of some other kind. I know jealously can be a motivator for all types of evils so let's​ envision good energy. I'm not saying being ostracized was evil but maybe because of my departure it summoned an evil. Here's the key, maybe the evil the media /conspiracy was experiencing before my ostracism was more than the evil they experienced after the ostracism hence my departure. Of course its not about me but did the god anchor get fired from 19 before or after lynnaluvers?

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