Wednesday, May 31, 2017

4yr Conspiracy 2017: FACEBOOK

  In the last article I asked if I would have still made or lynnaments considering I'm ostracized this fourth yr. Today I ask would I still have made a Facebook page named lynnalai fans, considering I'm ostracized and my ostracization might have something to do with the god anchor. Would I have posted a pic of the god anchor on Facebook as a default seeing that my ostracization would be near. Would I have asked the question under the lynna laifans page  why are black women so attracted to black male losers? Could it be the reason I was ostracized isn't because of the god anchor but because of a black anchor or someone whose black that works for the news.

  I think I totally would have made a pro Facebook page named lynnalai fans if it was 2012. Especially if I was in "ohlaio"! Am I suppose to stop liking people or stop creating because others hate who I am or what the god anchor is? If I knew I would be ostracized possibly because of my blog or Facebook page I think the sites would still be made. Because she was/is viewed as a super wonder anchor. If someone views you as a superior how can you extinguish those views. If some one believes a group of people are inferior and its been proven how can someone argue that these views aren't fact. Is this why the conspiracy has formed to extinguish those views or to strengthen those views?

  Is it possible that a black news person worked with the god anchor and or the government to get me ostracized? Even after the violent words after I asked the question on Facebook, I would still ask the same question under the god anchor fan page.  If you watch 19 religiously eventually the person becomes god therefore anything inferior is questioned. If one sees blacks as insufficient are we not to ask the question why?  Could it be I was ostracized because someone asked about my lack of sufficiency in " ohlaio"?  Could it be my lack of sufficiency was visual through lynnaluvers and the lynna lai fan page on Facebook? Could it be the god anchor got fired from 19 because of my insufficiency? Was it really the ratings? Seeing the god anchors superior energy overshadowed my knowledge of my own insufficiency there was no stopping lynnaluvers or the Facebook page. This is/was my thought process could it be this was the reason I was ostracized and stalked? Is this why the conspiracy has grown because of my insufficiency may have been a annoyance to the point of murder? Is this why I was ostracized so that I could be murdered or to stop a murder from happening?

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