Thursday, January 19, 2017

Writing about Trump and god

Since I associated Obama's presidency with Lynna Lai on lynnaluvers and also the death of "the desk chick"  will I associate the god anchor with President Trump? If I associated the god anchor with my ostracization would I see a conspiracy with the god anchor and Trump?  Would I see a conspiracy if something happened at the inauguration like a terrorist attack?

 Let's not be blinded, I've written at least a half dozen articles about Clinton
Yet she's not even the president.  Therefore if I can associate the god anchor with Clinton and she didn't win the presidency; is it hard to fathom that there might be a connection with the god anchor and Trump at the inauguration.

Although they're many things to write about what would Trump a Trump article right now?  What would Trump a  Trump article if something went wrong with his swearing in? With the news covering the fact that people won't accept a Trump presidency and these are liberals /pro Obama demonstrators which are also assiciated BLM  and other democratic groups how couldn't I associate the two?

 Would my article be fair? Is a conspiracy ever fair? If someone conspires against someone else are they thinking fairness?  Seeing that the media promoted anti-trump sentiments compared to Obama is that fair?  I think writing A Trump / god anchor article will be entertaining conspiratorial and suspecting.

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