Friday, May 5, 2017

Homo Conspiracy :Florida Concerns

  Why do I care if the god anchor was in Florida? Seeing that I'm homeless there's other things to worry about. Yet what if her Florida trip is associated with my situation. What if her Florida trip sped up my death date? Why did WKYC care about Obama being black and not his muslim association when he ran against McCain? What we care about creates a wider universe. Could it be they don't want me to care about the Florida trip because its associated with a secret society?

  Of course my Florida concerns are larger than that of the bungalow in neo but it could be that Florida has something to do with my ostracism from neo concerns.  Could it be that they had to shift my concerns so that I could get ostracized and once ostracized me being unconcerned mentally about my kid or the bungalow is justification for my death, or rape in prison or victim of a car accident.  Could it be they wanted me ostracized so that I could get raped in prison and then have a common occurrence with the god anchors gay associates? Was Florida a link to the next death?

  Why do my cares have to be equal to the god anchors cares? Cares are acts of concern. Is it possible that the god anchors caring of what's important in society is associated with her ability? Is it possible that my concern of the Florida and god anchor association has to do with my lack of ability; therefore her ability is viewed as superior.  Could it be that the Florida visit was a way to create that mentality there?  Could it be I'm right and the possibility that the god anchors trip to Florida sparked something that is associated with the quasi gay meteorologist and my death?

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