Monday, February 13, 2017


  What association did the police that squeezed my penis have  with officer ndeedo? The officer that I came incontact with yesterday.  for me to say there isnt an association would be delusional. Could it be this is why  Cork Cities finest have  been able to stalk the blogger, because the god anchor and NBC are insisting I'm delusional?  If the police that grabbed my penis  told the officer ndeddo to pursue my homeless behavior which was holding up a sign  what does that mean?

   What does it say if the officer that touched my penis  had the other officer pursue me? Could it mean that the local cork police officer that has touched my penis has read the blog?  Could it mean that there are some in the cork cities police regime that feel like touching a black homeless guys penis is ok considering he was reaching in my pocket to take things out. Could this be a legitamate excuse to pursue the blogger? Could my blog be a reasonable excuse?  if there are some that feel like male officers  touching male penises are ok could the same people be behind the second persuit? Since the second persuit also happened on a sunday as the first confrontation with corks finest is this a clue?

How often does a homeless guy get persued here in cork city?  Could it be the reason ive been confronted by police twice in two weeks is because of my article about a convent here I was at that was a breeding ground for the gay community? Could this be a way to terrorize someone whose not gay? Could cork cities finest be using the god anchor as a shield or a motivator to terrorize the blogger in honor of the gay community? is there a brotherhood amongst the gay community and the local PD here in Cork City?

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