Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Penis Report 2: Fear Agenda

After the male police officer touched  my penis and checked to see if I was wanted he stated there was a guy doing real bad things to homeless people. Was this the truth or  was this a way to make sure I get out of Cork City? What was the statements agenda? What did the god anchor have to do with it?

 During  the god anchors time with 19 and also NBC, fear was a element to some of their stories. Is there an association with the god anchors channels and the officer that touched my penis? Maybe the fear element was part of the officers approach because it was a way to show his allegiance to the god anchor and the news stations. Could it be his fear approach was a shadow of things to come to the blogger?  Yes, this was a warning but who pushed him to warn me?

  There are two groups of people that uses fear the most to get what they want and that's muslims and gays. Could it be he was hired by a gay muslim to squeeze my penis and project fear? Since there are lots of gays and Cork City is a sanctuary city I don't find it hard to believe. How far are they willing to take the projection of fear? Would they take it to my death?

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