Friday, March 3, 2017


Recently, like a week, as I was being approached by private security in a Cork City Casino I saw how many east Asians had populated the casino. This made me think, could the reason why I was approached by security and Cork Cities finest is because they believe what I suggested in That the god anchor is superior? Not only that but that people of a East Asian background are superior. Could it be that security and the cork city police believe that Im not American and that the East Asian community are  superior immigrants therefore I have to be harassed.  Could my inferiority have created this much attention?  Could it be that cork city see's how Bangkok has a superior casino outlet  and they are trying to model after it? could security approaching me be the first step in modeling Cork City after Bangkok?

  Could this be why the god anchor and her cohorts had me ostracized;because they wanted to change the city of Cork? How much has Ohlaio invested in Cork? Could it be the god anchor wants to turn Cork city and or neo into Bangkok Thailand? Does our inferiority contrast with the attempt of Cork City and or NEO to change the city into Bangkok?

 To take after Bangkok there would have to be a lot less blacks. This fact, that the city they have envisioned doesn't involve the blogger; creates more logic.  If  Cork Cities aim is to be like Bangkok  why dont they have a main East Asian American Anchor?  if they are trying to turn the city into Bangkok why are they criminalizing some of the freedoms that are associated with Bangkok? Maybe parts of Bangkok they like and parts of it they dont.  Could it be a city minus blacks or homeless is the part they like? yet could it be that there attemp to harass me in Cork City is an attempt for them to make me complain so that they have just cause to kidnap the blogger and send me to Bangkok?  I would think Bankgkok would be more non violent than Mexico therefore what can we do to help the city change into Bangkok?  Could it be the help that Cork City needs from the homeless blogger is for us (as in me and my ideas) to leave?

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