Sunday, February 28, 2016

Let Blacks Die

  I wasn't going to write anything today but it seems either the great god anchors friends or enemies want me to on this day of February 29th 2016.

  I was minding my own business in a nice part of town I assume where the demographics are mostly Mexicans, demographics are important. I'm watching the god anchor videos outside on a bench at a Sears outlet store. I'm getting real excited  and all of a sudden I hear sirens.

  The sirens are coming closer and then I see a ambulance, ten seconds I see a fire truck, ten seconds after that I see two patrol cars. Of course I'm going to ask did the god anchor put them up to this; because when I get up and leave the ambulance follows me. Is this a stalking technique? Were they trying to warn me or was it that they thought I was dieing. Maybe whoever called them lied to the operator and told them I was dieing, but why? To harass me in honor of the god anchor.

  The cops have been on my heels since my ostracizing so I have been writing about them. Does one really think that if you write about a person in a way that says they're following one will they get help from the person's youre writing about?  So why spend tax money on harassing the blogger?  Maybe they were offended by where I was which was right across from a restaurant called Kublai (Lynna connotation).

  If they didn't like where I was why would they bring a fire engine? Why not just shoot me and get rid of the blogger. Why disturb a homeless news god fans excitement? Maybe because I disturbed the god anchors excitement at 19 WOIO? Could the Ambulance and the rest of the group have been called by woio's people?  If so do you think they really care about the bloggers health? If they can stalk and mock the blogger during his homelessness a healthy blogger wouldn't be any of their concern. If I do come across a health concern in the public if you're a stalker or work for the god anchor or one of her enemies please let me die in peace. If you can stomach my homelessness you can stomach someone's death. If I can handle the god anchor getting let go from 19 I can stomach her replacing a MSNBC anchor. If you want to get rid of homelessness and or blacks or black males. Let them die. To act as if you're out for their safety and health is not believable. Believe in the extermination of black males more than your duty. Because it's my belief that if the emergency people would believe in the extermination the problems they have wouldn't exist. Yet maybe that's why black males are in this country to keep the emergency people busy and working. If that's the case please don't do your job when I'm checking in. For the sake of humanity.

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