Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Buddhist Bathroom Article

  Who doesn't knock before entering a public bathroom? Does the god anchor? Does her fans? Does her comrades? Who walks into a public restroom when the door is closed? A black Buddhist.

     Thank god I wasn't jacking off ,shaving or taking a bird bath because things would of really been odd. When it happened I didnt curse him out, I calmly told him that I would be out in a minute.

What would have been odd is the fact that a Buddhist came into a one stall bathroom without knocking while I was urinating. Where am I going with this one might ask or why am I talking about this because if noone talks about it then it becomes normalize. Who knows whose decency I'm saving.

  What if there was a kid in the stall then what would have happened. What if there was a Woman in the stall? I understand everyone makes mistakes but how do you open the door and then stare for another few seconds. I'm not going to say it might have been a plant hired by the god anchor. Yet I'm going to say it was surprising and unnerving.

In my last article I said that the gays might have been the culprit behind the note. What if the gays were behind this fiasco. What if the dude was gay and he's been watching me for a while. What if he has read the articles I wrote in the past. What if one of the god anchors friends is hiring gays to disturb my peace. What if; there's nothing I can do about it except blog it out. Maybe he was sent just to check on me. If that's the case send a Woman next time.

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