Monday, February 1, 2016

Group Conspiracy

  It's not everyday that I write about good things. Ninety Nine percent of these articles are about the blogger with struggles. Conspiracies that are happening ever where. The lemons that the blogger has encountered after lynnaluvers. Yet today is different some one donated money and I don't know who it was or why.

  I was getting a bite to eat at the golden arches and I left the tray and my belongings unattended.( The energy was solemn because usually I don't leave my things unattended). I was going to refill my cup and when I came back to my seat there was a greenback on my tray with words written that said "for U" with a heart. In my other articles I usually ask the question Did the god anchor put someone up to it. Did she hire anyone? This time let's ask the question who did it also.

  When I noticed the bill I turned around and thanked every one in the room. There were three groups. One group was a gay couple I assume. They were wearing pink. The next group was a mother with her young daughter. The last group were two East Asian guys.  These three groups all represent the god anchor. Who could it be. I know I should be thankful but I'm worried it was from the wrong group.

  What if the donation came from the gay group. What does it mean if the god anchor hired a gay group to give me a green back? She does work for a pro-gay station.  Could she be trying to get the blogger conditioned for a gay environment in the penatentry; since child support is still owed. Could this be a secret code or secret contract. Where if I take the money they have the right to harass,kidnap me or even worse.

  I know I'm always thinking the worse. Maybe it was the Mother daughter group or the Asian group. Maybe the gays are a demon I don't have to worry about. Yet maybe the money was a piece of cheese for a trap.

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