Saturday, February 20, 2016

2020 PT Deuce!

    In the article 2020 I gave insight in what would happen and how I'll respond. Yet I didn't give consideration on what would 2020 be like without me seeing that I did give a forecast in 2012 that when Clinton wins the presidency I'll be dead.

   If I'm dead by 2020 will there still be a strong Lynna Lai connotation in America. Will they appreciate the god anchor more or less? Will more news god fans sacrifice their life and their  kids for the anchor? Will other news god fans be bullied by her army, her enemies or other government entities?

  I really believe that if I'm dead by 2020 the connotations of the god anchor will be so strong one won't be able to sleep without dreaming about her. You won't be able to eat or work without the god anchor reference. The reason I say this is because every since I've been ostracized the god anchors connotation has been around more, therefore its only right that after I'm dead and Clinton takes office they give tribute. If not to show gratitude to the anchor god, to mock the dead.

  I think some fans will sacrifice for the god anchor their kids and their lives but I personally think the idea of sacrificing for the god anchor will only be as strong as ones allegiance is. The sacrifice will only come into existence depending in how weak  the market is. If the market is weak sacrifices for the god anchor will be tremendous! Therefore it has nothing to do with my death but the death of the market or the market the public is in.

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