Friday, February 5, 2016

Story of Solomon

 I just read a article written by Dan Solomon a writer in Texas. What got my attention was obviously his name. If you're a News god fan you know she used to work for a guy with almost the same last name which was Dan Salamone. It's practically is the same as the writer. If its the same name could it be the same person? Could Dan Solomon really be Dan Salamone? If it is could he be hired by Texas news outlet because someone here has a  great association with the god anchor and wants him in Texas. If the ex 19 executive is writing for Texas could he be writing just to get close to the blogger.

  Could it be that Dan Salamone got fired by 19 because of my blog or worse could the god anchor have gotten him fired. What if I did get him fired by writing lynnaluvers and or lynnaments and he's here in Texas to settle the score. Could it be he's trying to settle the score on behalf of the god anchor or maybe Duffy had put him up to it. Could Duffy have told him to stalk the hell out of me on behalf of the god Anchor until I'm extremely Dillusional? What if 75% of the people I come across since I've been ostracized has some association with Dan Salamone.

   I did Google the Writers name in Texas and it seems that name Dan Solomon is popular. Yet what if that's why it would be more practical for the executive producer to use it. Maybe it's more practical for a executive from Cleveland to be a Texas writer and make a name for his self in the community so then the local authorities will listen to him and everybody knows everyone listens to the local authorities.  How much influence does the writer aka the executive have on the authorities? Does he have enough influence to have me disappear?

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