Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kitchen Killer

  Now after I write this Article someone should stab me with a knife because that's what the perpetrator was gesturing or should I say his imaginary intentions were.

  I'm not in prison yet it seems that people have prison like behavior. Let me explain. I was resting at the soup kitchen and a older white guy runs his finger across my back with his hand. Not in a slow sexual way but a death type of way. As if to warn me I was going to be a victim of a stabbing. I got up because my head was on the table and took a pic of him. I'm not going to say the god anchor had someone do this. I'm going to bet one of her enemies did. Maybe Salamones associates had him do it. I Suspect that the anchor god and Salamone might not be friends.  Who hates the god anchor so much they would have some one try to intimidate me like that? Which would logically have me say the god anchor was behind this. Yet maybe it had nothing to do with the god anchor but they wanted me to complain so the authorities could interfere with business.

  Could  some haters of the soup kitchen see my blog as a way to destroy it? What am I to do not say anything and let people run over the blogger. If I had said something to him verbally what would have happened? Are the people who go to the soup kitchen for food just plants for the government influenced by narcotics? I haven't been to prison but isn't that a gesture that I'm going to get killed. Maybe it was a gay gesture. If it was how many gays are in the kitchen that work for one of the god anchors enemies. How many that eat at the kitchen in Texas have a criminal back ground? Im betting the guy that did the warning  gesture of the stab is a ex convict.

  Maybe the reason I don't suspect the god anchor of doing this because  it's Valentines Day week. The worse thing about this is that when he did this he ran to a older white lady and a older Mexican. Could the older Mexican have ordered the hit. Who has given him the order to go about stabbing me. Maybe it was a honest mistake and I'm just influenced by hearing about death threats being made towards a Harlem New York Pastor.


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