Friday, March 4, 2016


  My sources say that the god anchor is in Atlanta. Could this be a good thing? Is she visiting or is this going to be her new home?  Did my last article cause her to take a break from WKYC?

  Who knows what's going on for all I know she might not be in Georgia at all but in Florida,Louisiana or Texas! For all I know someone might have conspired to make her leave and go to Atlanta.  What if this could be the
Beginning of the god anchor on CNN or HLN or another national news station.  What if CNN saw her on WKYC during the Miracle in Cleveland hype and they haven't forgotten about her! What if this was all planned!

 It would be incredible if the god anchor was on CNN. This would mean not only people in Cleveland can watch the god anchor but folks all around the world. Not saying that folks couldn't watch the anchor all across the world on but it's a totally different platform.

  Assuming that she's going to CNN what will that mean for lynnaments? Will the conspiracies abound?  Will my experiences become more weird. How strong will the Lynna Lai connotations be if and when she ends on CNN? This could very well be a good thing but only if they give her proper TV exposure.

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