Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Let's visit my myself in year 2020. Will I still say watching the god anchor was a mistake? Will I still recognize Lynna Lai as god? Will I still blame the god anchor for what's going on at the current time? Will People treat me in certain manners based off their allegiance to the anchor god?

I think in the year 2020 the TV watching I've did in 2011-2013 will still have its effects. I think I will see watching the god anchor as a necessary medicine; Like a drug. It might be beautiful at the moment but can every human species continue with that drug and still be healthy four years from now. If the government is pro marijuana  it's no doubt their pro god anchor. Therefore I ask does the government make mistakes?

 I think I'll definitely recognize Lynna Lai as the god anchor. I think the people of the god anchor are going to be so anti blogger that my reaction is going to be  very pro news god. Some would say that's crazy why would I be pro news god when her Legion will be harassing me. It's simple mathematics. Negative and a negative equals the same yet a positive can over come a negative.

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