Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentines Hate

Since we as a society Observe love especially on Valentines Day I thought It would fit me in my unorthodox ways to observe hate. To hate isn't always a good thing. Hate can help one change or help one stay the same.

 In the past five yrs ago I would have said that I hate that the god anchor has to be on a website /channel that was under her quality. Today I think I'll visit my self in the hate department. Write about what I hate about the blogger.

   Sometimes I ask myself what if the god anchor wasn't noticed by the blogger. Maybe if someone else would have noticed her and written about her in a possessed manner she wouldnt have been written about in a semi-quality way. Therefore I do sometimes hate that I created the monster lynnaluvers!  During this Valentines Day I indeed love writing about the anchor but I also hate it had to turn out so badly. I hate that people had to die because of simple ole!

 I'm always saying in my account the price of watching the god anchor is sacrificial and its possible that the sacrifice might be my kid.  If this is true I do hate this truth? After 3 yrs of living on the street and not being able to see the kid do I hate this truth?  Is she truly god?  I hate that after 3 yrs I still wouldn't change the channel. Its a truth that I hate to admit. Its nones fault but my own that I couldn't change the channel except when she took a vacation. I can't blame anyone for the the Lynna Lai gluttony and I won't. Maybe this is how it's suppose to be. Even if our loveones hate it.

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