Sunday, February 7, 2016

Generous Texans

Where would I be without the public? Actually where would I be without the young Mexican public. You hear a lot commotion going on about how people from across the border are bad for America since Trump took stage. Yet what I fell to hear is how generous the young Mexican community is. Which is what got my attention yesterday and what motivated me to write this Article. Yesterday I was sitting down on the cement in a convention type format. When three guys passed me. I could tell something was up because when the generous mexicans in all black passed me they stopped talking loud.

  They came back five minutes later with a white to go box that said pluckers,
.one of the guys said are you hungry I told him yes and he showed me what was in the box. 1 1/2 chicken finger 1/2 burger and tater tots. He said it was for me , I told him thank you and they left. Two minutes later one of them came back stooped down while I was chewing and gave me a $5 bill. He said by your self something to eat tomorrow. I told him thank you and he left.

What was it that made him stop. Did the anchor god do this?  Was it a way to show me that Texas was generous? Did the guys get lectures on giving? Did they give because I looked needy?

  I'm writing this to show how generous the People of Texas are. In my blog it might seem that Texas hates the blogger but in actuality its not everyone. The ones that do might have outsider influences. It's possible the Anchor god could have had something to do with this. If she can stage Salamone getting fired and me ostracized ( I'm just guessing) its possible I could have been the recipient of the god anchors doing. Maybe she was just trying to show how the Texas community isn't like others or are like others depending on who are the others. It might have been political yet doubt it. It's obvious I looked needy and maybe that's what triggered their generosity. Maybe it was just a combination of who they were influenced by and who I was influenced by.

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