Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Buddhist Bathroom Article (BBA2)

Quick Note: Before I go to the next article I'll like to point out in the previous article I mentioned that the intruder was a black Buddhist. The only reason I know that is because he bragged about it to someone before.

  As I was writing the Buddhist article I had someone wanting to come in the bathroom I was currently in. When I exit, whose waiting to enter? Three middle easterns;  Two guys and one lady. Although the business does employ many middle easterners I have to suspect them as plants. Are the plants  of the Pakistani shark or are they of the god anchor? Could they be plants of the 102 orange character? It obviously not a coincidence that they wanted to get in the private bathroom while I was writing the Buddhist Bathroom article.

 As I was leaving without saying a word one guy of the group says "that's original". Did they read one of my articles hence their comments or maybe a reader told them about it. Maybe they wanted me to respond. Maybe they wanted to inflict their feelings yet they couldn't because I didn't respond. Does this have to do with racial hate? It is noted that middle easterners/Muslims don't like blacks. I've experienced that first hand.

  It's too many occurrences for me to say the three Muslims waiting for me to leave the restroom was just a coincidence. What if these occurrences are bigger than what I see. What if they have hacked into my blog or computer. Where they have a view of what I'm typing. It has to be the Pakistani Shark and or the god anchor creating these occurrences. Maybe they have to keep circling the blogger until they get approval to have me killed or to create a delusion so strong that it looks like Suicide.

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