Friday, February 12, 2016

Bullied At the Kitchen

Of course I'm not dead and no one stabbed me with a actual knife yet. Of course something else had to erk me in the soup kitchen and of course it has a Lynna Lai connotations. All I'm going to say people especially black people who look like Kevin Garnette shouldn't bully any old white guys that name starts with a ph, and its not pantyhose.

  Do I really deserve this? Do the people who come to get something to eat deserve it! Did the the older white guy deserve getting bullied? If its a family matter let family talk . But these two guys weren't family not even friends. I know I should shut up and let things happen. Just like everyone did including me when "Kevin Durant "bullied him. Heck I didn't even take my cell phone out to take a picture of the bully. Why is society such cowards?

    Why didn't the elderly white guy shoot him? Is this what prison is like? Could this just be another image of how prison is. Yet instead of a black guy intimidating a elderly white guy could it be a White guy intimidating a older black? Could it be the elderly gentleman didn't do any thing because he knows something I don't. It's very possible. Could my blog have created this atmosphere? Will my blog create a policing type of environment. How come people can't just sit down wait for the soup and relax? Everyone wants to be in control . Even little old me. I can't let people get bullied like a normal society. I've got to blog it out. If I didn't blog it out I would be highly up set if the next day we were victims of a shooting because of what happened  between Kevin Garnette and the older guy. Therefore I feel like I'm insuring the blogger. Why aren't people civil? Because their High or drunk?

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