Wednesday, January 27, 2016

102 Orange

 Just when I think I have enough to talk about something side swipes me. Ive been side swiped before with surprises especially now with my ostracizing. Yet the surprises still amazes me. This specific surprise just happened yesterday Jan 26th 2016 therefore I had to get it off my chest before Its  got too heavy.

    I was asked to work  a odd job; I accepted yet before I did I chose to pick up a 5 dollar Pizza at Lil Italy's. (I choose not to use the real name because their publicity shouldnt be granted) I went to the next door pizza shop and the middle eastern guy a assume he was the  manager because he was on the phone for over two minutes. Who stays on the phone for two minutes if you're not manager. The only reason he gets off the phone is because a light colored construction group comes in. I let the light colored construction group order before me  to see how he treats them even though Ive been waiting for a few minutes. He treats them well. Yet when I come to the cashier and I ask him if he can give me a discount since I had to wait for him on the phone he gets a attitude. He tells me if I dont like it I dont have to eat there. I told him its not all  like that and he says you know what I'll give you your money back I take the money and leave without any words when he says " I hate your freaking kind"!

       I tell him he doesn't have to be disrespectful while I'm leaving he says something back and I said "I got you" as in I understand.  Now Ive never witnessed this well maybe once before a year ago but that was because I was stinking.  This time it was way out of left field. Heres the questions. Did the  great one have anything to do with it? Did I deserve it? What could I have done to change his mind? Was this a ploy by local police to get me to talk about the middle eastern establishment? Did he read my article about  Muslims hence his attitude? What would have he done if I told him allah isnt god but Lynna Lai is?  Was there any association with the guy from India that passed me after the Middle easterns foulness. Was this an attempt to make me talk about him because the place is really a CIA front and they want a excuse for me to write about them so they can have an excuse to attack me? maybe he read a article from the 50s and thinks that blacks arent allowed in white only restaurants. Maybe  he wishes that blacks dont deserve to come in his restaurant. Maybe he's offended that I think the East Asian Anchor is Superior or that there isnt any Middle Eastern Anchors he can identify with. Maybe he read the Shark article or the Shark talked to him about me.

It could be 100 reasons why he acted this way. I 'm just happy I got out of there before he shot me because he could of shot me and said it looked like I was bringing out a gun. I heard hate in his voice.

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