Monday, January 4, 2016

Fan of Fear2

Hacking the blog
I was just thinking about my blog journal and to my amazement "fan of fear" was posted. That article wasnt suppose to be published until 20117 it said. So why or how did it get published before then? Is the website compromised if so by whom. Could it be that my blog was compromised by "messengers of fear"? Maybe they feel obligated to compromise the blog.

   People like manipulating things they hate or find a easy target. Is lynnaments a easy target to sabotage? Did someone read the article and wanted it posted sooner or was just a way to showcase their hacking skills.  When I started lynnaments 3 yrs ago I anticipated people hacking my site and hacking at me therefore it's not surprising. I can only hope this blog sheds a small light of my dealings after lynnaluvers. A light that ask the question why is the blogger being targeted better yet why is the god anchor being blamed for people  targeting me.

  Why would they who target me feel obligated to target my blog and publish something I wasn't ready to publish. It's like Adele making a record and someone publishes her work without forewarning. I'm not comparing my blog to Adele's work but maybe the hometown of fear is the internet and I'm just visiting. Maybe those who felt obligated to publish fan of fear were residents of the hometown of fear and maybe me writing about politics and the god anchor is an insult. Yes, I can vouch for when fear is insulted it does publish. Publish insults to Assaults fear is a force that can drive a entire nation to be delusional let alone a blogger. Therefore the question shouldn't be who compromised my blog but who have I scared unintentionally with my writings; maybe the Government?

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