Sunday, January 17, 2016

Police Night Maybes

Not a day after I make blogger dead article a band of police follow me. Is it because they want to make sure I'm safe like Obama wants to make sure the American public gets health care? Is it because they want to figure where I'm going so they can manipulate my where abouts in the future. Could it be that they are getting ready to kidnap me so that I won't blog in courtesy of the god anchor. Could it be they wanted me to blog about them so they have an excuse to frame a suicide. What if the great anchor and her ex co anchor Duffy  has put her friends in Texas to sabotage the blogger anyway they can. Are they that offended about the blog or is it that when I blog I entertain them.

  It's kind of weird they would follow me on MLK day too. As if to say his holiday doesn't mean anything we're still going to follow you and make sure you feel uncomfortable. If they want me to feel uncomfortable they wouldn't want me to feel safe. Maybe they are offended that I haven't died yet or that I  complained about eating soup everyday because I'm unemployed. Maybe they feel like sense Im a lynna Lai fan soup and Lynna should be fulfilling enough. Maybe they want to harass the blogger so they have an excuse to sabotage my soup.

 I wouldn't have any issues with a large band of police following me but don't cops kill blacks ever other month. Don't they have a huge black problem. Wasn't in a American city where a black was gunned down. I'm not saying City police in mid Texas would kill a black but am I wrong to ask the question?

  I know they don't care about my blog heck I had car 4522 watch me as I was writing this. Maybe to make my blog look more delusional they had to follow me so that I could write about them. To them maybe it's normal to follow a black minding his business or maybe they have hacked in my phone and seen the pics I've taken of them and that gets them upset hence why they are following.

 When the god anchor used to use the word delusional a lot I didn't know that a Texas police department would be the ones putting the fabricated delusional pieces together. I say the fabricated because I sense they the authorities might commit to denying they were following me. Maybe they could say they got a call in. Yet if one of the Anchors associates has made the call aren't her friends the ones that should be followed seeing they want to manipulate my peace.

 Maybe I manipulated my own peace when I can't pay child support.

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