Saturday, January 16, 2016

Blogger Dead 2016

  I'm discouraged to bring up this old occurrence. But it has happened again. Earlier this month a Blogger from Louisiana the sister state of Texas,  the place where the god anchor got her education A blogger was killed by a self inflicted gun shot. The blogger that committed suicide was said to use his blog to shed light on the scene behind  the curtain of politics in Louisiana.

  I can't count how many bloggers have died. This one I took attention to because he was from a place where the god anchor used to call home I guess. A place that's right next door state wise. Even though the Anchor might not live there now it's still a story that needs to be talked about. Obviously we have to suspect.

  Because it's a conspiracy site we have to suspect. They say Forgotston the bloggers name was married. If you're married aren't you happy?  This happens so much do we have to ask was his life tooken by someone that he might have exposed? How easy is it to frame someone with Suicide? If you read lynnaluvers you would know that I believed death was haunting me hence why when I hear stories like this It grabs my attention.

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