Sunday, January 10, 2016

Poetic Peace

 I hate to talk about Africans because its believed my ancestors came from there but it has to happen. I'm not doing this because Trump is riling up the masses or because Of the mass influx of Africans that have came to America!  I'm writing this because of the entitled audacity this African male had. Which I've seen but never have I been so offended by it. Maybe my Audacity with writing about the anchor was offensive to her!

  It always happens in a Library where government controls the energy. It always happens where ever the government is I suppose. Maybe he was sent by the government. Who is he and what did he do you ask. Today Jan 10th 2016 I was charging my phone which I had been charging for 3hrs and also trying to enjoy a book.  When all of a sudden the African with the suitcase wants to sit at my table.  There's other seats but he wants to sit at the table I've been at for hrs. Why is it that when blacks have no place to go they disrupt peace? I look back at my lynnaluvers days and although no one said to me stop writing my writings in lynnaluvers did get the great one fired which did disrupt peace. Is it because blacks hate peace or they hate to see others at peace? Is this why the current president ran for office because he wanted to disrupt and take over a table/country?
The similarities with the African and our current Country is insane.

 I ask the African to please don't sit their nicely. I didn't shout or yell when I said this yet he tells me to shut up and sits down. Is this the behavior of the immigrant from Africa in 2016?  To ignore a citizens wishes. If someone doesn't want you to sit next to them when there are other chairs is it too hard to move. This is what happened with my kid and his mom. She doesn't want me in his life so I moved! If a country says they are tired of a certain group of people do you stick around or do you move? When it seems like lynnaluvers ignited a hatred of the blogger it had to move. Yet the African stayed at the country/table.

 So I get up because his Audacity was killing the sense of calm that I was intuned to.  Which is the exact same thing many citizens do. When theirs a influx of immigrants that come to a city the citizens usually leave. They leave and let the Africans enjoy what they once enjoyed. Just like many people leave once society is compromised. Did my blog compromise the Anchors peace hence why the African sat at my country? Yet didn't the anchor semi endorse the son of a African which destroyed Americas peace when she and WOIO and other media outlets reported about Obama as if he was god. When actually the anchor is god.

 So before I leave I take a picture because I enjoy to document peace manipulators. He asks me to stop and I say "is this America"? I said it four times because in his African accent he tells me to stop. It's poetic that the guy that took over my table/country doesn't want me to take a picture of him yet he see's nothing wrong with manipulating the table I was at. It's poetic that I can leave the sons mom alone because she told me to, yet I can't stop writing about the Anchor. There's so much poetry in my sphere you'll think Helen Rice was haunting me.

 Maybe I was wrong in his eyes and maybe he was wrong to interfere with my peace. The true wrong is that blacks are never where they're suppose to be and we can point fingers at whose to blame. Yet isn't it poetic that we can exist in a building of lies and the lies have created a energy where blacks are persuaded to believe that their entitled to what ever it is they have or don't have. He felt like he was entitled to take my peace and I felt like I was entitled to take his picture.  Where will this sense of entitlement take us? Extinction?

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