Saturday, January 23, 2016


  Not 12 hrs after I wrote blogging 2016 I'm walking down the sidewalk between 4am-5am and a census guy with grey hair and a grey beard with two other people ask me did I sleep outside because their doing a census. A census on the homeless. He reminded me of the guy in inglorious Bastards that got scalped at the  end of the movie. Could it be far fetched that the guy that asked me did I sleep outside was the character, seeing that the local tv stations are associated with the SAG AFTRA. could the census people that I saw early Jan 23rd a bunch of actors?

  Speaking of inglorious bastards isn't that what the Nazis did with the Jews before they imprisoned them. Didn't the Nazis take a census. Why would they be taking a census? I would have said that the census guy was a plant but as I was walking two other groups were taking a census too.  Has my blog about the great anchor triggered the census. Did someone make a call to the government after reading my blog.

  Maybe I'm just delusional and they just want to make the city better and to do so they have to do a census.But maybe I'm not delusional and what is happening is a beginning stage of a genocide. Maybe my blogging about the great anchor has created some form of wanting to know more or wanting to kill more. Ironic how during my time in OHLAI  I always wanted to know more about what the god anchor said and what she meant. Now the same curiosity has transferred to the government. Maybe the government always had a curious nature I just had to be homeless to see it. I had to talk about the authorities being associated with the god anchor to see the curiosity.

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