Friday, January 15, 2016

Poetic Peace2

  Although I didn't have any work before "poetic peace it seems where I'm looking for the people are giving me a there's not a chance attitude.
  The Peace article must have really struck a nerve because I've been getting the cold shoulder when I apply my self for a job. I could see and understand if I was in a city that wasn't progressive but this city is booming. I should be able to get a simple job.  Speaking of jib was it the god anchors job to get rid of me and could it be her job to see to it that I get followed to the point I won't find work?

Maybe my article " poetic peace"  was a double edge knife. Maybe it did shed light to what I have to encounter when it comes to homelessness and dealing with homeless black males. But maybe I shredded light to people who have the power to hire me too. Maybe the Authorities the god anchor summoned whispered in potential supervisors ears and created a anti blogger idea or maybe my potential boss has read my blog hence why I'm not hired. Maybe they agree with what I said in poetic peace and to show me they arent going to hire the blogger. It's possible that I'm being being delusional and its just my odor.

 Yet and still msybe my idea for lynnament has created lynna soldiers which I forecasted in Maybe what I'm writing is poetic it created a poetic judgement against me. A judgement where those that possibly work for the  great anchor have a campaign against me. I know I visited these ideas before in lynnaluvers but I guess they had to be revisited. Because it's hard to believe coincidence keeps following also.

 Coincidence and I have never been close. Although I do believe in Destiny I doubt its my destiny to eat at soup kitchens for the rest of my life. I can except being homeless is my destiny but eating soup for eternity? Is this what a blogger has to go through to prove that she's god?

 The lack of employment is not luck or coincidence it controlled by destined events. It seems I might have manipulated events with lynnaluvers and the god anchor us returning the favor. Maybe it's the cost of being a fan in my case.

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