Friday, January 22, 2016

Blogging 2016

  Who wants to blog about authorities following them when there's so much other things to speak up on. It's been three yrs and I still didn't put no commentary on the god anchors ex co worker Rick Abells book. I haven't talked about a lot if things that are pretty interesting. I'm so focused on the authorities.

  What am I suppose to do just ignore someone behind me. Ignore those that dislikes me. How does someone avoid blogging about the Hunter when I'm the prey? In my world its dillusional not to talk about the hunters of the god anchor.  Maybe I'm the only one being monitored or maybe everyone else is too high or drunk to care if they're being followed.

  Someone would say if one isn't doing anything wrong what's to worry. My color of my skin is to worry. My blog isnt politically correct. The Actions are wrong. I mean how many people would subject themselves to being labeled a dead beat dad just so one could escape death and possibley the kids death.

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