Monday, March 2, 2015

Type Lynna

  Do I need to type in Lynna Lai? Do I need to write or blog about the great anchor? I asked these questions in a article last month and Intend to try to answer them. When  I ask these questions the next question I ask myself is  do I need to be alive? Is it a necessity to be lynnamental? is it a necessity to do what I do?

  I ask theses questions  because it's my belief that lynnaluvers  was so influential and so hated  that it created a Lynna Lai cloud over me.  I mean it's not coincidence  that I got hired and fired by a guy with the same last name of Lynna Lais old stations news director. Therefore  if I have a Lynna Lai cloud over me should I not document it? should I not put what I witnessed online? If what I witnessed was recorded on lynnaluvers and it put the great one on WKYC  and got me ostracized one has to wonder will the articles on lynnamentals  put the great one on a national level and me without the Lynna Lai cloud. If not shouldn't I document where it takes me. I mean I'm a nobody whose going to document it if I don't. Maybe that's why the existing president is trying to control the internet (thats a new story).

Therefore when I say or associate blogging to breathing . I believe the day I stop blogging will be the day I stop breathing. Part of this cloud is in the business to harass me or follow me. Am I not to document what happens? Am I suppose to let things like that go and turn a blind eye? I mean I'm in Texas a place that has turned into a foreign land. who knows what will happen in these parts especially with city police officers  following me all the time.  For me to not write about the great anchor and just say all that happens is of coincidence or all this happened because my house sucked and don't have a relationship with the kid. Would be like Lynna Lai blaming the firing at woio to Duffy or the Romona Robinson or that she didn't have a supportive team at woio.  There has to be a ghost to the story; Something that is unseen or unknown  and because of that ghost and the cloud I must blog. The question is what do i do when they shut down the internet?

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