Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Texas Troopers

My articles must be moving through the law enforcement circle  because after I wrote The restaurant story intro a few hrs later 4-6 state troopers appeared while I was walking to work. Not only that but a day after I wrote  the restaurant story pt 2: Police... They began construction on the road which the restaurant is on. This attracts a substantial number of police presence.  Could Lynna Lai  her workers and China be influencing the state troopers and also the city  not only the city but maybe my employer ? Also couldn't her influence be used more effectively than screwing with the blogger?

 It was like six or seven Texas state trooper vehicles  and they didn't have any numbers on their vehicles to identify them like the city police do. With that said why was the Texas state trooper on my heels while I was going to work? I believe the State Troopers are the ones that wear the brown shirts. I was pointing out a few months ago  that brown shirts are associated with the Nazis. Maybe they read my blog  where I identified the brown shirts as having a association with Nazis.

 Is it not strange after a few hrs after the restaurant story intro  the state troopers appear? Was this some sort of effort to identify me? Are there  not crimes that need researched instead of being on the bloggers heels?  What crime have I committed? if I am a outlaw why haven't they took me in custody? Is it that the local police  were concerned about my acknowledging the police in the restaurant therefore they tell the state troopers here in texas to follow/intimidate the blogger.  Its my belief that the texas state trooper can get away  with more than the city police can which is also why the city police might have contacted them about me. Maybe the great anchor has talked to Ohio state Troopers about my blogs and then they talked  to Texas state troopers

  How much influence does the anchor have over ohio state troopers  and texas state troopers? I'm betting a lot. I mean you don't  go to one station to another in the same city in a few months  if you don't have clout.  Its my belief this influence she has  is extremely strong . Yet why doesn't she use her clout/influence for good, instead of screwing with the blogger? Did my blog lynnaluvers influence cops to harass the anchor? Has she lied to texas police and said that it has? instead of harassing the blogger couldn't she use her influence to make sure that the texas state troopers  harass child sex offenders? Maybe use her influence to make illegals more nervous.  Maybe with  the great ones influence she could persuade  the texas state troopers to guard the border or use her power to make pro senior citizen laws.

   Everybody has their own amount of power some have more than others but when you use that power to follw a homeless blogger who makes only 10 grand the one whose powerful is wasting their potential. Maybe in the pioneers world she's so deep inside the core  that she can't influence  the Texas state troopers to do good. Maybe to harass the blogger is the only power she has. I hate to say this but what if the city and the state police here in Texas  is so saturated  with illegals she feels like she wouldn't get far.  Maybe she feels like since our president is illegal then who is she to make waves in the sea of blue and brown? Maybe the little blogger is the only wave she has control over. Maybe everyhing elese is off limits.

  I really hate to keep talking about police issues because there's so much other things to talk about. Who would of thought that I would be writing about police on lynnamentals when it first started? When one writes a project they never know where it'll end up  especially in the media.

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