Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Youtube Happiness

   Today I should be happy not many police officers around me; I saw one or two in the library. No negative Lynn Lai connotations with my goings and comings in the state of texes. Yet I'm not happy and its sad to ask but the question is why? is it because i blog too much? Is it because I see the media every where I go? Today I even saw Time Warner cable parked outside the library. Could they be logging my passwords to manipulate or sabotage my email account? Is this why I'm not happy? Maybe I should just go on youtube and post my findings? It would eliminate the vast spelling and grammar errors and maybe my happiness (crazy)!

 The reason why I wouldn't be happy going on youtube  is because 75% of the viral vids are viral because of the governemt. Only 25% go viral just by talent/interest alone. therefore why would the governemt let my videos go viral? Not saying that I want my videos to go viral,  but if they have control to make vids go viral they have control over other aspects of the  video. Not to mention how many times did I associate the media,WKYC with the government? It's my belief that my vids would be sabotaged and even hit with viruses.  if they did let the vids be what they were the question would be why?

   The media hates blacks during these times specifically black males.  I mean if you can say jagaboo and get away with it you know the gov isn't pro black nor should it be. Therefore if the media/gov isn't pro black then it's against blacks and if it's against blacks it's against me which means they would have a field day with the kid. Lets face it i'm not photogenic like the great one.

Oh blogger dude be happy! I can here someone say the cops aren't pestering you yet you have to find something to complain about. you have to find fault in imagined things! Be happy blogger dude! Maybe everyone wasn't  made to be happy! If we weren't made to be happy therefore I'll  say happiness is a overused  word these days.

In closing what is happiness if you can't watch the anchor in peace? What is happiness if you can't use the restroom in peace? What is happiness if one can't say the anchor is superior without being ostracized and followed? Can one be delusional and happy or does Happines take a back seat to delusion? Maybe the blogger can't be happy because the anchor is embedded in my spirit which has caused delusion and soon death.

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